Psalms 91:1 Acessories ss2012 Collection Launch Event

On Saturday I went to the Psalms 91:1 Accessories launch event for their ss2012 collection “Captivated” at Just Lunch Cafe. A warning for all you jewelry lovers: you will want to purchase the entire collection! Here are some pictures from the event:

{I loved how the new collection was displayed!}

{It was a jewelry haven!! Heaps of exciting goodies from both Psalms and it’s sister brand, Shop for Jayu}

{I ended up getting the gold diamond shape earrings (second column from the right) but it was a really really hard decision….they’re all so unique! Some of my favourites, starting from the left: hammers and saws; screws and batman shapes,; gold leafs, diamond shapes and X’s and O’s; small cross earrings…I wanted them all, but the diamond shapes won…for now ;) }

{first glimpse of the new Psalms ss2012 collection “Captivated” which is the perfect name as I really was captivated!}

{ LOVE this statement necklace!! Best part is, that if you want a fancier look, keep that crystal attached to dress up your outfit; but if you want a more casual look, designer Sally Han has cleverly allowed for the crystal to be removed. This is definitely the selling point for me!!}

{ This was an Instagram photo I look of a couple pieces from the new collection, hence the slightly different look to the photo }

{Last but certainly not least, another Instagram photo taken of my favourite piece from the ss2012 “Captivated” collection!! This piece is so luxurious! A beautiful mixture of gold chains and turquoise stones…this bracelet would go perfectly with the gold bangles I purchased from Psalms}

Honestly, I wanted everything I saw at the launch. I encourage you to check out their website and get yourself familiar with this brand…this is just the beginning of something great.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Happy Monday Lovelies! :)


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4 responses to “Psalms 91:1 Acessories ss2012 Collection Launch Event

  1. Some of those pieces are beautiful, I love the earrings you got.

  2. Great styling! I love the way they did their name as well

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