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What are you inspired by?


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  1. I love the mix of hard and soft materials, so the combination of leather and chiffon is amazing! With some precious metals or stones added in jewelry it would be perfection :)

  2. the leather and chiffon – my favourite

  3. I love floral prints, lace and sequins…

  4. I love love love the tights. And leather & chiffon is always sexy – um hello original Buffy the Vampire Slayer! ;)

  5. I was in love with lace over sheer previously..but it will never work for me since I am so careless:P….But I REALLY love IT. Great inspiration dear.



  6. shiroknowes

    Love the leather and chiffon mix, tough and chic are always going in good combination despite that are each other’s opposites !

  7. I love the contrast between a leather jacket and a girly, light dress!


  8. I’ve always liked lace over sheer (not that I’ve tried it:p). Sexy, in a subtle way, no?

  9. I absolutely LOVE your blog, the pics are GORGEOUS! :D I am inspired by the leather+chiffon- elegant with a touch of edginess. AND the knee high socks would be my casual go-to look! Definitely LOVE the LBD with polka dot tights as well!! Liked your blog on facebook! (:

    Cindy C.

  10. I love the idea of chiffon and leather! And polka dot tights – have to buy them. Great post

  11. Hmmmm, right now I am inspired by all things ethnic, from hairstyles like cornrows, to tribal headbands from the high street to ankara print materials worn as sarongs to statement beaded jewellery to beyond…

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