Vogue Editorials

{ Bathing Suit: Nina Ricci / Hat: Helen Kaminski }

{ Her – Top: Etro Cotton / Bikini: Eres }
{ Him – Blazer,: Louis Vuitton / Shirt: Calvin Klein / Trousers: Prada }

{ Her – Cotton Skirt: Marni / Bikini: Tomas Maier / Heels: Bottega Venta }
{ Him – Shirt: Hermès }

{ Her – Camellia-Print Beaded Tulle Dress: Chanel / Sandals: Tom Ford }
{ Him – Robe: Hermès }

This editorial, from vogue.com, is just divine. I found it a few months ago, and although I highly enjoyed it then, I enjoy it even more now that it’s summer time! How inviting does that pool look?! And the clothes are just superb! It would be completely okay with me if summer never ended.


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5 responses to “Vogue Editorials

  1. amazingly beautiful and exotic photos! love it xo, Trèsors De Luxe

  2. I loved this editorial with Karlie Kloss and Eddie Redmayne. They are amazing, so this editorial just had to be wonderful. That bathing suit in the first picture, aaah, to die for!


  3. Im not ready for summer to be over and this shoot just reaffirmed that ten-fold!

  4. beautiful photos…thanks for sharing;) I do not need to subscribe to magazine anymore:)


  5. Very intriguing pictures…. Love everything about this post :) Thank you for sharing!

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