Stella McCartney Resort 2013 – My Favourite Looks

{ Stella McCartney, Resort 2013 Collection, photos from }

Stella McCartney’s 2013 Resort Collection is pretty wild; full of bright colours, loud prints, and over-sized garments (which I have not fully captured in my selection of photos). Although my favourite pieces from this collection seem to be a bit more subdue, if you look closely there are still fun details like mesh, fringe & lace that make me want to party! Mix these details with classic tailoring (that is so Stella McCartney) and you have a modernly chic look, while keeping fun trends classy.

Oh, and I’ve always been a lover of bell bottoms, so the pants in the last two pictures make me extremely excited!


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5 responses to “Stella McCartney Resort 2013 – My Favourite Looks

  1. amy

    Love the pieces, so beautiful!

    Leopard and Lillies

  2. Love love love Stella M. – thanks for sharing the collection!

  3. perhapslife

    AMazing collection I say! :D Love it! :D

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  4. I’ve always loved Stella McCartney and this collection is no exception. Here Soft but bright colors are wonderful. This collection needed to be in my closet as of yesterday :)

    Wonderful blog by the way!


  5. I love the last 2 pictures, these styles are really amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful selection of pictures, that was nice to have a look at them!

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